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Doujinshi Group Order Interest Post(5/3 - 6/7)

Okay I always start these orders when people ask so here I go again! Will be much the same as last time. Orders will be placed when they reach 10,000 yen for K-books and between 10,000 yen - 15,000 yen for Toranoana. I will be making two orders for each store, I might be willing to open a third, but that's a maybe. I think the order will probably be a month long since that's how long it took last time however it can always close earlier if enough orders come in. For this reason I encourage ordering asap so your sensitive items gets ordered in the first one. As always if totals are not reached order will not be placed. I am currently starting two weeks of finals so if I don't answer right away that's why, but I will try to keep things running smoothly.

ALSO please be aware that by participating you are subject to the same rules as in my sales post located HERE! Please read the terms before ordering!

There are minor differences. Before I made my own orders I was always someone who watched group order updates like a hawk I know how anxious people are about getting their books, I really do. Therefore for group orders considering how much you've probably already waited I try to get the books to you ASAP. As soon as I send the payment #3 invoices and get payments in I send out the books in Group Orders within 1-2 days when possible(usually the next day). I've been able to keep to this for most group orders I've done. HOWEVER if you do not pay quickly then I assume you aren't super anxious about getting your books, I will still do my best to get your books to you in a timely manner, but after the first packages are sent out I will ship next on my normal shipping day, which is generally once a week, sometimes there are delays with that as well so just please keep that in mind!

Also the default for group order packages are two pieces of cardboard for domestic orders going via media mail to ensure protection. I don't include TWO(one piece of cardboard is always included in doujinshi packages) for international because it usually increases your shipping costs and I try to minimize those as much as possible, but if you would like it then I can add it to yours as well just let me know.

Okay then onto the usual stuff!

The store links for Hetalia, just click on the names:


Other series that are not Hetalia are also welcome as long as they are sold at those stores.

Payment 1(Books + Commission fee):

Cost of doujinshi

200 yen per book between 1-20 pages - *if you order more than 10 books commission AFTER the 10th book will drop to a flat 175 yen per book
250 yen per book between 21-100 pages
350 yen per book between 101-200 pages
450 yen per book between 201-300 pages
650 yen per book between 301-400 pages
401+ pages order by order case

Paypal fee which will be by order

* Commission drop only applies to books between 1-40 pages, however the books you buy to get to the 10 book mark can be any size.

Payment 2(Bank fee, Japan shipping fee + misc fees that pop up like transaction ones, generally they are small):

200 yen per book. Shipped either EMS or Airmail depending on size(all past orders have been shipped via EMS). As default this will now be added to the first payment HOWEVER if you would like to pay in three payments you are free to request it, I just find it easier doing it in two.

Also if this goes via Airmail I cannot guarantee a refund if books are lost. However this is highly unlikely, I've had over a hundred packages shipped to me from Japan and not one has been lost. Please do keep in mind when ordering though.
+paypal fee which is per order

Payment 3(Shipping from me to you):

US Buyers
$3 USD+ I use first class and then media mail. Priority and delivery confirmation can be used on request at your own cost.
+paypal fee which is per order

This order was made for US buyers but international can join, just please be aware your shipping costs will obviously be higher especially now that the prices have gone up. The flat rate for priority is now 24 USD, though it can carry a lot of books depending on size. First class international is cheaper but that has also gone up so please keep that in mind.

If you are afraid of your book(s) selling out an order can be placed now for an extra fee of 1,200 yen(per store) + regular prices. Please be aware however that if the order ends up not going through you will still be responsible for completing your own.

There is only one restriction on this order. I will not order UK/US books(USUK is fine but not UK/US order). Or anything that has America bottoming in it(xUS), even if it is not R18. Everything else is fine, but not those books, it's for personal reasons which I will not be going into and I'm really sorry for it. All I can offer is that it's for a serious reason that if I could avoid I would.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you'd be interested in participating via the order form below, comments are screened! If you have any questions please let me know! :)

Order Form:
Items: with link, name, price
payment type: paypal, **concealed cash, **money order

**While I accept concealed cash and money order, they must be received a couple of days before the deadline to be ordered, otherwise it will be sent back, minus a dollar for shipping, a dollar handling charge will also be added due to the difficulty in depositing the money(my bank is 20-25 min away from me). If your money is lost I cannot be responsible so the risk is all yours. I strongly suggest using paypal whenever possible.

Payment Deadline: Every time 10,000 yen(could be 15,000 yen for Tora) is reached for each store, up to two times for EACH extended to three for k-books since totals were met so quickly

Please keep in mind that all orders will be shipped together, the final one being placed in late May - June(could of course close earlier though).

Final totals:

Toranoana: 2 Orders sent in*
K-Books: 3 Orders sent in*

*Totals do not include rush orders sent in

This order is now officially closed. Thanks for ordering!

My feedback can be found HERE!
Also an example of past Group Orders I've done is HERE!

I also still have a sales post for Hetalia doujinshi going on HERE.

Order Updates:
5/6 12:10 AM - First orders for Tora/K-books have been sent
5/6 2:53 AM - First orders have been placed
5/11 - Made second order to K-books(extending orders to three for k-books since totals were met a lot quicker than anticipated)
5/26 - LJ messed with some of the comments for some reason so some people's comments have been randomly moved and/or deleted. I still have the emails sent to me, but if you are worried go ahead and give me your order again(if you've sent payment you won't have to pay again) if you don't see your comment thread, thank-you.
6/3 - Placed final order to Toranoana, k-books will close in a week I will send the order in even if totals aren't met.
6/7 - Last order to k-books has been sent in, entire order will be shipped via EMS once these items are ready.
6/18 - Last items have arrived in Japan, received and paid invoice for EMS awaiting shipment.
6/19 - Items have been shipped to me and should arrive soon.
6/24 - Package has arrived all payment #3 requests will be sent out today and I will go to the post office tomorrow or Wednesday depending how many payments come in.
6/26 - First batch of packages were sent out today!
All books have been sent out order is officially closed, thanks for ordering!

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