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29th-Jan-2011 04:34 pm
HP: What courage is

These are items that I want and will trade for.
Please be aware that this list is a bit of a mess. I tried to organize by series but it looks odd, so I apologize for that. ^^;


A few things, I can get pretty picky on the condition of books, I want them to be ideally like new. I don't mind a couple scuffs, no tears, bends I might be able to work with. It really depends on the book, if it's rarer and hard to get I'll allow more abuse. The thing I hate the most however is a scanned book, so if it has been scanned chances are I won't want it, however there are exceptions, again super hard to get books so just ask, but if it's only marked with one or two dollar signs 99% chance it will be a no.

KEY for symbols used:

$ - Willing to spend up to 5 USD so it's not a high priority but I do want it.
$$ - Willing to spend up to 10 USD.
$$$ - Willing to spend up to 15 USD.
✰ - Willing to spend 15 USD+
❤ - I will be your slave
♔ - One of my Grails

Please keep in mind that just because it says up to doesn't mean that I will for a particular book. There are lots of factors I think about before buying a book and of course how much money I have is usually the most important. XD I encourage trading a lot more since that's what I'd mostly like to do with anything from my sales post. My current sales post is located HERE(click me).

❤✰♔ US/Fem!UK Anthology Pretty Woman

I don't need the extra stuff just the book Purchased!
Circle: Various
Level of Want: Purchased!

❤✰♔ Cache-Cache USUK Doujinshi
Preferably their older works but as long as I don't have it I want it. *__* I think I may have all of them now though I could be wrong and of course I'm sure I'm missing some copybooks. :)

Circle: Cache-Cache
Level of Want: Grail

❤✰♔ Love Hunter USUK Doujinshi(ANY)
Sadly I don't have many of their doujins and I would really like to own them all, so I would be willing to buy/trade for any USUK.

Circle: Love Hunter
Level of Want: Grail

$$$ Sayonara Bus Fem!US/UK

Circle: Sayonara Bus
Level of Want: Purchased!

✰ angle=0.0 PruAus Doujinshi

Circle: angle=0.0
Level of Want: Gifted!

✰ angle=0.0 PruAus Doujinshi
Other works I don't have by this artist are also welcome, but I think I have pretty much all of them except these two and maybe one more(I'll have to check the #'s on the books to make sure).
Circle: angle=0.0
Level of Want: Gifted!

$$$ Doujinshi by monooji
Purchased! I welcome other works by this artist but this was the one I was looking for. I have several of their books already and there are a couple I have no interest in.

Circle: monooji
Level of Want: $$$

$$$ Doujinshi by Hakoniwa
Other works by Hakoniwa are welcome since I'm missing a lot of their books.

Circle: Hakoniwa
Level of Want: $$$

$$$ Doujinshi by milkshake
Other works are very welcome.

Circle: milkshake
Level of Want: $$$

$$ devil and witch by mew&siren
Purchased! However other works are welcome but they aren't really a priority.

Circle: mew&siren
Level of Want: $

$$ Doujinshi by B*mpoc
Purchased! Also welcome other works by this artist, I think I have most alraedy, but no fruk books please.

Circle: B*mpoc
Level of Want: $$

$ Doujinshi by Hoshitamago
Other works by Hoshitamago are welcome, but it's not a priority.

Circle: Hoshitamago
Level of Want: $

$✰❤♔ Rare Pair Doujinshi
Okay I have a couple of rare pair ships of my own and I'd love to be able to get some good doujinshi for them. Dean/Cas(Cas/Dean is fine as long as good art and in character-ish-some leeway because lol doujin yeah), particularly from THIS ARTIST(NSFW) though. Helios/Chibi-usa doujinshi would make my life, I won't even be that picky. AmericaxSeychelles(in that order), AmericaxChina(in that order), AmericaxFem!Canada(in that order), (more will be added on later for Hetalia). This part only applies to Hetalia doujinshi: I do not want these as part of an anthology unless it's an anthology of only that pair and even then I'd have to think about it, unless it's one-three specific artists then that's fine. I've seen the AmericaxSeychelles book by C. and I'm not interested since I don't like that circle. I've seen a couple of others floating around, but they aren't to my taste either so even here I find a way to be picky. >.>;; For Dean/Cas and Helios/Chibi-usa I don't care I'll take what I can get. XD

Circle: any(mostly)
Level of Want: $✰❤♔(depends on what it is)

$✰❤♔ USUK Spades Doujinshi
Spades!verse is my favorite verse and I've been cursed to only find few doujinshi from it that I've liked so far. So much angst, non-con, tragedy and wrong order makes me cry tears of frustration. So I am always looking for these types of doujinshi.

Circle: any(mostly)
Level of Want: $✰❤♔(depends on book, but again it is my favorite verse)

Other circles that I collect(in order of want - please note I am usually only looking for books listed above):
kuromorry, kh yuki, arabicYAMATO, Merril, Bitter*Honey, 紺屋町メトロ/sizu, Hypox, Saxe, Futawa, agp, OOPS, Eternal Rose, Sound:0, Mocha+CCC/amy*まりね, Menu,

Less relevant best to trade since I probably won't pay:
I'm, 316, Linaria, kaburaza, union magic, エルゴ/Ergo, gunjuice

Before you offer me anything please check that I do not have it in my personal collection located HERE. I am much more likely to buy/trade if you have more than one book that I want. Older works are harder to get so much higher chance that I'd want it. In general I collect Top!America doujinshi, almost all pairings so if it has nice/cute art then I might be interested. Though I have grown super picky to keep me from purchasing too much. :)

I don't buy from western fandom much since Japan takes all my money. I am much much more willing to trade with items from my Sales posts and can offer a good deal there if it's something I want, but money-wise I'll mostly be looking for deals OR books I deem as "rare" or must-haves. Also I'd rather deal with domestic shipping than international so this list is based with domestic shipping in mind, it might change some of the prices I'd be willing to pay/trade if international. This probably wouldn't affect grail books though.

Actual Merch

I'm a little strange when it comes to merchandise. I have established a personal rule that I must have an actual use for something before I will consider wanting it. Otherwise it would just bankrupt me that much faster. ALSO I am particular about order meaning I generally want certain characters/pairings first before I will purchase other characters/pairings that I may also want just not as much. Example: For most cases I want America merch first then England, then PruAus, Franada, GerIta etc. So while I may want an item like say with GerIta I need the America and England first and maybe the other pairings first.

The following are listed in order of want, so first is what I want most.

Hetalia Phone Straps
Prussia, Austria, France, Russia, China
(bought all the wanted ones!)

I'm hoping I can get these myself but just in case I can't, I want both and probably more than one copy of each.

USUK clearfiles, I'm interested in seeing any you may have by circles. I'm also looking for the military one made by kuromorry. I do not want clearfiles with art from the show, although himas art is welcome.

Allies Clearfile

Hetalia Clearfiles(whole set only please)

Hetalia Clearfile only

Austria clearfile, I also want the clearfile of America & Canada from this set. (if you haven't noticed I have a thing for clearfiles, lol)

Sticker set might want most of them but I need US and UK first.

Allies Strap

Prussia & Austria mobile cleaners

America Case

USUK stamps first then I want all except Japan.

Both tins, don't need any of the cards

The pink and green one.

USUK coasters(I want America's first)

America and England pouches


America & England

America & England

Bad Friends Trio Tapestry

Misc. Items

Allies and/or USUK and/or America Scarves

Allies and/or USUK and/or America Bookmarks(I am super picky with these more than any other fandom so please be aware of that xD)

Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon Stars on DVD w/eng subs a nice edition.

Sailor Moon Jap. Drama Complete Series with Act Zero and the other special one w/eng subs.

Chibi-Usa/Helios Doujinshi

Chibi-Usa/Helios Merchandise, pretty much anything that has them on it. I particularly want phonestraps and/or keychain-like items though. ^^

Of course the item that is on everyone's list. xD The locket. Don't think anyone would ever offer it but it is one of my grails so why not. I'm not at all picky on it as long as it's in good condition, plays the song and has the chain we are good to go.

Amazon quartet Plushes would be AMAZING! Chibi-Usa and Helios Plushes too(although I'm not sure if he has one xD)

SuperS Stallion Reve

I'm not big on the wands although I'd be interested in Chibi-Usa's wands. Especially her later one.[Not a priority]

Sailor Moon bookmarks. Again my priority is Chibi-Usa & Helios. Usagi is also loved. As is future stuff.

Sailor Moon Pajamas sheets/blankets general night collection.


CLEARFILES. I cannot stress enough how much I love clearfiles. However I am not very interested in art from the anime as much.

Harry Potter:

Harry, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore, Luna, Fred & George, merchandise(If they are plushies then go ahead and add Ron to complete the trio).

Hogwarts/Houses Scarves

Bookmarks with quotes from the books and regular is fine too. I kind of went crazy with the samples I had to stop myself. >.>;;

Harry Potter Books in different Editions. Particularly looking for hardcover Adult UK Editions and hardcover UK kids editions.

Not interested in coloring books and items of the like(sticker books).

Doctor Who/Buffy/Fruits Basket:

Tardis USB Hub

Yuki Keychain/Phonestrap[Not a priority]

Buffy Season 8 Volume 1+

Manga/Anime/General/Misc Stuff(in no order):

High School Debut Whole set

Alice in the Country of Hearts Entire set
Alice in the Country of Hearts Peter Sequel Entire Set JAP/ENG(as I understand it there are 'sequels' where alice is paired off with different characters I want the entire Peter set which I think is 1-3 vols.)

Fruits Basket Volume 17

Shinobi Life Whole set(maybe)

Hetalia Volume 1, 2 (This shows just how behind I am in manga collecting xD)

Ultimate Venus Volume 5+

Wild Ones Volume 10

Samurai Deeper Kyo Entire Set

Supernatural Doujinshi Dean/Cas

*Note for most of my items I do actually use them. I know it's nice to have them in a box and everything but I'm not really like that. For this reason boxes are nice but I don't need them. Like my super rare hard to get was busting my ass for months trying to buy at a reasonable price America phone strap, it's actually on my phone. x'D My England one is happily dangling from doli's phone and you better believe if I had somewhere I could use him for my Canada strap would be there. Trying to decide what I will use him for actually. This however does not mean that I treat my things like crap. I am very careful with my strap and make sure to be aware of it to avoid damage. Still I buy things to use, although the coasters are an exception I love them as decoration and would never think to place a cup on them. DD:

If I had the sailor moon locket I would hang it on my desk and wear it on special occasions and if I had the stallion reve(I would die happy xD) it would be the centerpiece of my personal area.

**I feel like I must also warn people that while bookmarks are loved so much by me and accepted in all of my fandoms for trades/buying I do tend to be picky on them, so please don't be insulted if I say no, because if there is anything that I'm crazy-collector girl about it's bookmarks and doujins. xD;;

27th-Apr-2013 01:10 pm (UTC)
Have you ever seen this doujinshi? It's not *quite* America/Seychelles; it's Seychelles -> America (+ Hong Kong -> England) but I see you're a big fan of USUK so if you like the art I'm not sure that would bother you...? XD
I already had it translated when I bought it too, to save you the effort. :P

Good luck with the rest of your searches!! ;w;)/
28th-Apr-2013 04:06 am (UTC)
Ah yes I have actually, my favorite premise is actually one-sided feelings from someone to America and USUK and I like that circle but the hong kong -> england really kills it for me. I'm really picky in stories concerning England because he's such a bicycle to begin with I really like to focus on stories where America is the center of attention because of it. Even in a lot of USUK doujinshi there is a lot of people having feelings for England and so I avoid when possible(I do like it in some cases, but they aren't common). :/ I might be interested in it in the future if I come into enough funds so I don't have to be so picky though.

Thanks! I'll need it for some of these books. XD;;
28th-Apr-2013 07:59 pm (UTC)
pffft i don't blame you; i've very picky myself XDDDD; i feel your pain! like, for example, pruhun is my otp and there's this one doujin artist that's drawn TONS for it but i.... really, /really/ do not like their artstyle. ugh. OTL and just like you, i'm even selling one of my anthologies because they contributed a big chunk to it and i didn't think it'd bother me, but it does and i'd rather not own it (omg i sound terrible)

aaaanyway, a little sidetracked there lmao what i WANTED to say is that, the doujinshi is split into three seperate stories, so idk if it helps any but 2/3 of it is about people having feelings for america :P

ok, good luck again! \o/ i think you'll need it haha
29th-Apr-2013 12:00 am (UTC)
Oh man don't even feel bad I would never judge anyone since I've never met someone more picky than I am. Sometimes I really feel ridiculous, but there you go I guess. Still though it sucks when you really want to like an artist for one reason or another, but you just can't. You don't sound terrible to me, I mean I only have one anthology that is more than one circle, because I just do not have a tolerance for things I don't like(and there are some circles I'm completely nope about). In fact the only reason I kept the anthology I do have is because my love for the super cute kuromorry story inside is strong(it is literally perfect), otherwise I'd probably sell it and I wouldn't be surprised if I did end up selling it at one point anyway.

You know I actually think I've seen this doujinshi translated before, I feel like I've read it a while back because I'm getting those vibes. I'm 95 percent certain, I checked my doujin folder and didn't find it though which means I got it and didn't like it or its still hiding in there somewhere, which is completely plausible given how disorganized that folder is. If I can hunt it up I'll definitely give it another look to see if I can tolerate it. XD;;

Oh for sure my highest grail book(the anthology surprisingly but it has so many artists that I love) I have actually never seen a copy of it in my near three years collecting hetalia doujin. Still I only need to find it once! XD;;
1st-May-2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
What would you trade for a snitch necklace, for example? :)
1st-May-2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
Hmm well it's not a priority so I'm not sure what to offer for that, it would depend on what kind it is, the quality etc. I'd prefer people who want to trade let me know what item(s) they would like in return for theirs.
(Screened comment)
21st-Jun-2013 08:07 pm (UTC)
Yes I've been watching it like a hawk since most people don't bid until the last few hours, but THANK-YOU YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON for looking out for doujinshi collectors. I've seen you in other pages and omg you are like the doujinshi fairy godmother or something. XD THANKS FOR HAVING MY BACK. LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU! (also got your money for the doujin and I'll be sending it out later today!)

21st-Jun-2013 08:17 pm (UTC)
Haha, I wander around the Internet all the time and I always stumble on doujins people want. I go window shopping all the time haha :D I'm telling you, I stalk this fandom and everyone's posts lol... //whacked

And you're too kind //feels loved Thanks for letting me know! :3
21st-Jun-2013 08:28 pm (UTC)
Well it's a really kind thing to do nonetheless! I can't keep track of many people's specific book wants unless specifically asked since I see so many doujin it gets kind of jumbled though I do remember circle and pairings oddly enough. XD I'm sure everyone is very grateful to be stalked by you like I said you are a magical doujinshi fairy. *w*
11th-Jul-2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
It's okay. xDD

Yeah, Kuroko seems to be everyone's favorite :D Hmm I actually don't know about shipping him with Kagami- I don't hate or like the pairing, it seems like I simply avoid that pairing when it shows up on FF. OTL;; but my OTP it seems is Aomine/Kuroko :DD I also like to pair him with Kise too <3 And that's a shame :( BUT I found out that kuromorry does Midorima/Takao! Found a Midorima/Takao doujinshi on mugimugi. xDD And wow mew&seiren does Midorima/Takao? Hmm... //heheh Too bad it doesn't seem like I'll be buying any KnB doujinshi until I get more episodes, haha. :D Sadly I'm only interested in AoKuro and KiseKuro right now, hopefully I'll get into more later when the second season starts.

Oh btw I found out Akashi Seijuuro on Tumblr and by searching on wiki and HOLY SHOOT WTH IS WRONG WITH HIM. He is like Light and Lelouch mixed into one... I mean he scared the crap out of me the moment I saw the pic of him hurtling a scissor at Kagami. o_o Uhm... sorry, I kinda had nightmares just by thinking about him yesterday. OTL;;

And maybe, I'm just so lazy that I don't check my dash at all. :A I did follow another tumblr around two weeks ago, though...

OH MY GOD SHINGEKIIIII I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD WATCH THAT ANIME I mean it is gruesomely sad and the author isn't afraid to kill off some secondary characters, but hey, floats in my boat :D Too bad I love the graphic action too much to be reading the manga, though if I do get too desparate I might. Hehe. And yeah their equipment and the titans, aha. XDD

I know! I always see HobbyHobby's doujins picking on America's weight and I'm like :/ and I can't go on to read it anymore ;u; I don't know why but I hate it when people go pick on other people's weights as a kink, really uncomfortable for me. :/ And wow HobbyHobby is a major USUK circle I'm a bit surprised. o.o

Yeah- when life gets dark, always go to anime because they usually talk about love or teamwork or mental strength or justice and it's so refreshing and beautiful and urge you to have hope in yourself/the world again. But honestly though I feel bad but sometimes I wish so much to be able to jump into an anime and live in there, especially if it's a fantasy one so I can escape RL sometimes. :/

Do your best ;u;

edit: whoops wrong place to post xO

Edited at 2013-07-11 03:13 pm (UTC)
11th-Jul-2013 06:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah I'll be going again this weekend probably. XD

To me it's so obvious that I can't ignore it type of situation with those two, however I think it can also be read as a bro situation since sometimes I do have two chars who are the main shipped and I just see them as bros and I just don't feel it for them so maybe that's what it is for you? I have that problem with Kise(not the bro thing I just don't feel it a lot though I do like Kise himself) I'm really trying to force that ship because dammit OOPS you have to do only that pairing. /cries OMFGJUROMORRY?DID?W?HATAHNGL:FADKGANHDGKHSDLGKHSAGHKDSFGRA I didn't even think to check them OMFG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL INSTANT WISHLIST ITEM OH GOSH I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RN THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW Oh man I should really check all my circles instead of just browsing what's available but now I have the pain of missing out on that doujin gahhh. I have no OTPs in KnB as of yet but I have a weird scale when it comes to labeling a pairing an OTP so I'm not surprised, sometimes I don't even have one for a series, like homestuck though davejade came close. My fav pairing is def a tie between Kagami/Kuroko and Midorima/Takao though! Yeah mew&siren does them but in the wrong order(well for me anyway) XD

Yeah he seems like a pretty intense guy I've only seen very little of him since he's barely introduced in the manga that I'm reading rn. He's really popular in works though so I hope I'll like him. XD;;

I don't understand how you think checking your dash is hard? I mean the thought of checking blogs individually seems like a lot of work to me in fact I hate when I have to do it to find new people to add to my dash it's just so much work lol.

OH YESSSSSS that anime is so my jam right now(literally I love the theme song). But anime is supposed to be a world of it's own? Well either way I think it's really cool it looks like they are flying though yeah DNW titans. As for me watching it, I told you that I don't mind sad stuff/realistic stuff it's just that I don't like when people claim it as so much better. Still though dystopia is one thing that I read a LOT of, especially zombies. Don't even try to understand me man. ;;

YES TO EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. Oh man it's so nice to hear someone say that they don't like that kink as well everyone I've met does and it's the main reason they like hobby hobby so much and I'm just like NOPE all over about it. It's even worse since he isn't even chubby GAHHHH fandom It just bugs me because he is sensitive about it and people think it's fun to pick on him and I'm just like it's not cute it's BULLYING and MEAN ESPECIALLY WHEN HE'S SHOWN TO CRY ABOUT IT GAHH. /has a lot of feelings about this People can do what they want but don't pass it off as more canon, because it's very not. Yeah I used to like them but they've done quite a few things to make me not, but I weirdly still like some of their frus books and the AusHun book they did recently was cute.

It's not just anime though fandomish stuff in general(though certainly not all) has those themes, like Harry Potter or Superman you can find it in stories themselves and that's why I love fandom so much. I think a lot of people do that? I certainly do wish I could just go into the world(not dystopia though heh) and just be for a while. It's nice to think of a world where good always wins in the end isn't?

lol it's kind of funny seeing this post floating though. XD

edit: OHMAGYHKJF I just realized that I purchased that kuromorry book for someone in a group order I did and now I am cry

Edited at 2013-07-11 06:18 pm (UTC)
2nd-Aug-2013 09:27 pm (UTC)
Welp it seems like I've found the mew&siren book you have listed up there but idk if you will even bid on it since it isn't on your priority, and the listing only has one day left anyway but. :O doesn't hurt to try xD and I hope I'm not bothering you... D:
7th-Aug-2013 04:18 am (UTC)
OHGOSHYOUCOULDNEVERANNOYMEOHMYGOSH---However I actually bought that doujin a while back like I said I srsly need to update this post and also my collection since I'm pretty sure I've purchased like 40+ books since I last updated it. OOPS(actually got two of theirs I might have the whole collection now maybe?! OMG I need to check that out.). XD
7th-Aug-2013 04:25 am (UTC)
XDD That's okay, glad you got it. :)
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